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Lawn Mowing & Lawn Care Services in Sydney

Are you looking for a professional lawn mowing service provider for your commercial property in Sydney? Or you are a busy homeowner who lacks the time and tools to take proper care of the grassed areas in your garden? Then, you’ve landed in the right place. Fantastic Gardeners provide professional lawn mowing in Sydney, which will keep your turf green, beautiful and healthy.

There are insights of lawn mowing that only professionals know about. Taking proper care of your lawn is not as easy as it seems. To avoid overgrown lawns, shallow root growth and diseases suffocating your grass better choose professional help. Fantastic Gardeners Sydney has years of experience in servicing business clients from various industries, as well as domestic customers throughout the city and its suburbs. Don’t think twice but call and benefit from getting a healthier looking grass plot in a space of just a few sessions.

Specialised lawn care that adds value to your property
Expert advice on lawn maintenance at no extra cost
Timely customer care response when you need it
Proper grass cutting to the optimal lenght
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Below, we list a range of lawn maintenance solutions that we have a wealth of experience with and which will help you have the lawn of your dreams. The lawn care specialists, we count on, boast tonnes of expert knowledge, so feel free to seek their advice if you have any concerns or questions about your lawn’s health.

  • Lawn mowing and edge trimming - We recommend that you benefit from our grass cutting services at regular intervals for optimum results.
  • Weed control - Your lawn will look much better without any weeds and thatch buildup.
  • Irrigation - A specialised service that involves the installation of an irrigation system of your choice.
  • Lawn care - Sometimes lawns need additional care to restore bad patches or optimise the soil condition by adding a fertiliser.

There’s a lot more we can assist you with! Find out how by speaking to our representatives!

We strive to set our services apart from other providers by focusing on a positive all-round service experience from start to finish and for everyone involved. Once we commit, we deliver guaranteed service results.

Your lawn maintenance appointments can be tailored to accommodate your needs. Whenever you need a service - we’re there! We’re working in any kind of weather conditions, as long as the job results are not jeopardised.

Not only are the gardeners skilful and experienced, they are also very precise in everything they’re doing. When you’re booking our services you make sure that everything will be done up to the highest standard.

Improper lawn mowing may damage your grass. We use only professional grade equipment and tools to avoid that. Booking a regular lawn mowing service in Sydney will ensure that your grass is always green and healthy.

Removal of the grass cutting-induces waste for free (subject to load volume) after the gardeners are done with the service.

Usually, the price for lawn mowing in Sydney starts from $55/hour. You can schedule the service as you like. We offer the following options:

  • One-off
  • Monthly
  • Fortnightly
  • Every 2 months

However, keep in mind that there are discounts for regular service, which are waiting for you to take advantage of.

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Here are a few of the many areas in Sydney that our lawn mowing service covers:

  • Alexandria, Bronte, Maroubra, St Peters, Cammeray, Gordon, Collaroy, Epping;

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A Happy Customer

We had an old guy cutting the grass for us for years but he got poorly. So, we went on looking for a new helper. I was keen to try a big company and my wife wanted to find another local old boy. Well, I called you Fantastics, anyway, and I have no regrets whatsoever. Our lawn looks more than perfect. Thanks.

The Johnsons