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Tree Services in Sydney

Keeping your trees and property exterior in optimal condition!

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Professional Tree Services in Sydney that You Can Trust

Whether you own a woodland-style garden or you’ve only got a few fruit trees, your woody plants require professional care and attention on a regular basis. We, at Fantastic Gardeners, can provide you with timely and reliable tree services in Sydney, designed to maintain your deciduous trees, evergreens and shrubs in a healthy and thriving condition.

You can also seek our expertise if you require a dangerous tree removed or a diseased branch cut off to ensure the safety of your family and visitors or to protect the structure of your property. Just let us know the reasons behind your request and we will arrange for the right specialist to come and see to the problem.

Enhancing your property exterior space
Abiding by safety standards & practices
7-days availability, including public holidays
Helpful & qualified customer care assistance
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Our company works with trained and skilled tree specialists and arborists who can take care of a range of tree problems or situations that concern a tree on your property. We also specialise in professional tree planting services.

  • Tree removal - We are equipped with high-end tools to complete the task.
  • Stump removal - We’ll help you free more space in your garden by removing the unwanted tree stump.
  • Stump grinding - Let us grind the stump to a mulch that you can utilise in the garden and lay around your plants!
  • Tree surgery - Selected branches will be expertly severed, whether for the benefit of the tree or to ensure the safety of your property.
  • Pruning - Benefit from a variety of pruning techniques, performed with your trees’ specific needs in mind and by considering what you wish to achieve as an end result!
  • Tree planting - Need a different focal point or more shade in your garden? We’ll help you plant the trees of your choice.
  • Tree transplanting - We offer specialist assistance with transplanting woody plants without causing them any distress.

Combine your tree service with our garden cleanup solutions and save time and effort!

A selection of the right tools is one of the most important things when it comes to tending a tree. Our pros use only professional-grade machinery to make sure your trees are taken the best care of.

Our skilled, friendly and efficient tree professionals are always ready to help you! They have the necessary knowledge and experience to tackle any task. They will also share their professional advice upon your request. Of course, this is completely free.

Our tree care solutions are customised in a way that suits your needs. We have flexible booking options, 7 days a week, we don’t charge extra for weekends and holidays and we offer emergency tree removal (subject to availability).

We have experience in both domestic and commercial environments but no matter the type of property, our company politics are always in compliance with council regulations and local legislation.

We offer hot deals and promotional offers on a number of services.

The price for our tree services in Sydney is per project. A free of charge price quote will be provided after a short survey if you use our contact form. Or you can call our friendly representatives who will gladly help you.

Bonus: To save you the electricity bill we use only petrol-powered equipment.

A tree is blocking the sunlight coming to your garden? We have a team of professional and skilled arborists near you!

Our tree services in Sydney are offered in the following areas:

  • Double Bay, Drummoyne, Mount Colah, Cremorne, Beecroft, Croydon Park, Northmead, Casula;

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Thank you for your fast response. The guys came and cut off a dodgy tree branch, which was precariously hanging over my roof. Very professional!