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Safeguarding your property against structural water damage!

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Leaves, pollen, blossom, twigs and branches are clogging your gutter system? There is an easy way to avoid future costly exterior repairs. Fantastic Gardeners are here to help! Book gutter cleaning in Melbourne with us and save a ton of money! `

We specialise in various outdoor maintenance solutions, designed to ensure that the exterior fixtures and surfaces of your home or commercial facility are kept in a good condition at all times. So, if you notice that your outdoor rainwater drainage system does not function as smoothly as it should, get in touch with us right away and we’ll send a seasoned gutter maintenance expert to see to the problem!

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Our downpipes and gutter cleaning maintenance services are available on a regular basis to both business property proprietors and homeowners in Melbourne. At present, we can service buildings, which are no higher than two storeys. Тhe service includes:

  • Using a ladder to climb and remove all leaves and debris buildups manually. Then packing the muck in bags and taking it away.
  • Using a leaf blower to blow all sorts of buildups from the gutters and downspouts. After that initial step, the leaves will be swiped, bagged, and thrown away.
  • The cleaning is performed with a specialised gutter vacuum cleaning machine, which will suck all debris and leaves out the client’s gutters.

Usually booked seasonally, the service prevents the excessive and uncontrollable build-up of plant debris in your gutter system. This could be fallen leaves, pollen, blossom, twigs and branches, which can eventually hinder the seamless flow of rainwater. As blockages in the gutters can cause structural water damages to your property that will cost you in the long run, routine gutter inspections are a must. Furthermore, in bushfire season, unmaintained gutters are a fire hazard in the waiting, due to the potential risk of dry plant matter in your gutter lines catching fire in the hot weather months.

To note, your gutter cleaning session is not limited by time, which means that the technician will take all the time that is needed to complete the job. He will also ensure that all the cleared-up plant waste is bagged and removed from your property.

Do you need any additional garden waste disposal assistance? We can help!

Our gutter cleaning team consists only of skilled, experienced and fully insured technicians. They use only industry-powered methods and specialised machinery. Let the professionalists take care of your gutter system and enjoy the guaranteed results!

Hiring a Fantastic gutter cleaning expert ensures the protection of your home against the need for repairs. Taking the necessary precautions now will save a lot of money for repairs in the long run.

When you choose our service you will not only save money from repairs but also prolong the life of your outdoor property fixtures in general. Thus, you will increase the value of your property.

We offer hot deals on a range of maintenance services. In addition to our professional gutter cleaning in Melbourne, you can choose a variety of services. This will not only make your life easier but also lower the price!

Аvailability is another оne of the many reasons why you should choose our service. We work on weekends and public holidays without escalating the price. As well as that, we offer full coverage of Melbourne and the suburbs.

The price for our gutter cleaning service in Melbourne usually starts from $210. It depends on the following factors:

  • How many floors does your property have
  • Number of bedrooms you need serviced
  • Whether you have running water and electricity in the property

Keep in mind that if you add gardening to the service you can take advantage of preferential prices! Use our booking form to check the price for your project.

You're looking for gutter cleaning specialists in Melbourne? Fantastic Gardeners are here to help you!

Some of the many areas in Melbourne that we cover are:

  • Yarraville, Point Cook, Pascoe Vale, Northcote, Mill Park, Chirnside Park, Glen Iris, Keysborough;

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